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Radio Tubes - Eimac
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Eimac 4CX125C 
The 4CX125C is a horizontally-finned version of the 4CX300A and is intended for use where transverse air cooling is desired. It is also useful where anode power is dissipated by liquid immersion.   ...more
Tube-Shop Price   £179.99 

Eimac 4CX250K 
The Eimac 4CX250K/8245 is intended for wideband grid-pulsed radio frequency amplifier and pulse modulator service.   ...more
Tube-Shop Price   £109.99 

Eimac 4CX300A 
The Eimac 4CX300A/8167 is a compact power tetrode having a maximum plate-dissipation rating of 300 watts.   ...more
Tube-Shop Price   £109.99 




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