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Hi Fi Tubes - NOS
  19 Results for NOS Tubes
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Brimar CV4024 
Brimar. Early 1970s. English made. BVA.   ...more
Tube-Shop Price   £18.95 

Brimar E83CC 
Warm, Premium quality European tube.   ...more
Tube-Shop Price   £12.50 

GE 12AV7 
NOS General Electric 12AV7   ...more
Tube-Shop Price   £10.95 

GE 5751/BP 
Made in USA. Black plates 1950s. Very sort after. Great Hi-Fi tube - Long life.   ...more
Tube-Shop Price   £39.50 

GE 5751/BPE 
Military qualuity. Made in USA. Black plates 1950s. Extra support pillars. Great Hi-Fi tube - Long life.   ...more
Tube-Shop Price   £42.50 

GE 6201 
AKA 12AT7WA. US made military specification tube for shock and vibration.Good choice in microphonic applications.   ...more
Tube-Shop Price   £12.50 

GE 6463 
6463 GEC Original. Made in USA   ...more
Tube-Shop Price   £7.50 

GE 6829 
Made in USA. Double Triode ( *****)   ...more
Tube-Shop Price   £15.00 

GEC 5965 
5965 GEC Original. USA made. Jan Specification.   ...more
Tube-Shop Price   £4.50 

Jan-Philips 6922 CRYO 
CRYOGENICALLY FROZEN - Jan-Phillips (aka E88CC-01). Military Specification 6922. Highly sought after by audiophiles. Upgrade for ECC88, 6DJ8 etc.   ...more
Tube-Shop Price   £24.95 

JG 5670 
GE JG5670    ...more
Tube-Shop Price   £13.95 

JHS 5670 
JHS Sylvania 5670   ...more
Tube-Shop Price   £14.95 

Mullard 6201 
Beautiful GB made Ruggedised version from the top manufacturer 'Mullard'.An excellent tube!   ...more
Tube-Shop Price   £24.99 

NOS 6146B 
Description unavailable   ...more
Tube-Shop Price   £39.95 

Raytheon 5670 
Military grade 5670   ...more
Tube-Shop Price   £14.95 

Sovtek 7025/12AX7WA 
Higher Gain variant Russian NOS tube.   ...more
Tube-Shop Price   £9.50 

Svetlana 6N1P 
The Svetlana 6N1P is a miniature glass-envelope small-signal dual triode intended for use as a line-level amplifier or driver in high-quality audio amplifiers.   ...more
Tube-Shop Price   £6.25 

Sylvania 6FQ7 
Sylvania 6FQ7/6CG7   ...more
Tube-Shop Price   £10.45 

USA 5963/12AU7 
Black plate 5963. Highly durable. USA manufactured. Very sought after.   ...more
Tube-Shop Price   £13.50 




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